Students' Stories

"I felt immediately comfortable when I visited the training course at the Alexander Re-Education Centre (ARC) with a view to joining the course. The atmosphere was tangibly warm, supportive, friendly and vibrant.

These qualities, along with a strong sense of acceptance of each individual, ran through the entire three years of training. The course teachers, with Ron Colyer at the helm, allowed for deep exploration and the freedom to learn at one's own pace. This was such a refreshing change from my previous experiences of learning and made learning such a joy.

Since graduating, I have been able to develop a busy teaching practice, and I continue to learn and benefit from the Alexander Technique.

Without a doubt, choosing to train as an Alexander Technique teacher was one of the best decisions I have made, and I feel immensely lucky that I was able to do this at ARC."


"Having completed my training course well over 14 years ago and got on with my life, I decided it was time to return for a refresher.  What a fantastic experience to revisit the familiar, the unfamiliar and the new.  I am thoroughly enjoying the work, the people and the breadth of expertise from teachers working on the course.  The environment is perfect for learning and enjoying all things Alexander."

J.D. ( post-grad term 2016)

I thoroughly enjoyed my three years at ARC. Somehow the teachers managed to hold the space for each of us to develop at our own (often erratic) pace. The environment was always emotionally supportive which enabled many of us to move safely out of our comfort zone and explore new possibilities. I look back on my training with a great deal of affection.


By the time I joined the training course  I’d been a head teacher for 30 years and I’d learnt something about what makes good teaching.  Believe me, you’ll struggle to find teaching anywhere that’s as good as you’ll get at ARC. The training is managed with all the slow-burning subtlety of good Alexander teaching.  There’s a lot of laughter and fun and you feel safe and valued whatever stage you’re at.  There’s no judgement or prescription but there is clear, pragmatic direction and what gradually becomes evident is that this is guided by deep erudition and wisdom. 

I can’t imagine a better way to train than at ARC or a more encouraging start to a career in AT.


This morning at Hurley I was reflecting that in life I like to be treated with respect and kindness.  I think it was in my head because at Hurley I AM unfailingly treated in such a way on such a deep level that it resonates and contrasts with the rest of life. I hope I convey the same to other people!          (on weekend post-gradworkshop)

In terms of training, I think that (as we know) the Technique is a huge process of change and change can be very unsettling.  If you study with the ARC, you not only have an extremely thorough grounding in the principles of this profoundly simple (yet complicated) Technique,  you are utterly supported in every way needed through that change process, with a delicacy of touch so that you feel safe but not cossetted or suffocated.  You are able to explore and make mistakes knowing you will not be judged harshly,  and that is OK to make mistakes as that is where the learning is.


Training at the Alexander Re-education Centre has been a genuine privilege.  Ron and Frankie provide a peaceful, caring and supporting environment in which to train.  Both have many years of experience in working with and teaching the technique - I cannot thank them enough for their continued help and support.


Training with Ron and Frankie at the Alexander Re-Education Centre was a wonderful experience. I can honestly say, I felt able to be myself, exactly as I am, with all of the teachers throughout the course.  It was a very special time in my life, to be treasured. The patience, care and teaching quality is second to none, I highly recommend it!