Our Training

Our aim at ARC is to create a warm and supportive atmosphere in which you can be yourself, and let go of ‘trying to be right’ and ‘fearing to be wrong’, which obstructs our creativity and ability to be ‘continual learners’. You start from wherever you are, and together we find ways to move forward. In a focussed yet playful, experimental way we move towards greater freedom of choice in our reactions and strategies, gaining practical insights to take into the rest of life.

We meet 4 mornings a week, 10 weeks a term, three terms a year. Each day we:

  • receive individual attention in the form of a short lesson or ‘turn’ from one of our experienced Teacher Trainers.
  • work on ourselves – on our habits of thinking and doing – moving towards greater ease, less effort, less harmful tension and pressure.
  • practise Alexander’s skills of ‘Inhibition’ and ‘Direction’, to experience more lightness and ease in thought and action
  • explore movement and stillness
  • discuss Alexander’s ideas and procedures, and those of the people he trained
  • learn the subtle skills of using hands to help others, always with careful attention to our own balance and coordination which is the foundation of Alexander’s unique approach.
Spend a Day With Us

Spend a Day With Us

Students' Stories

Students' Stories

Since graduating, I have been able to develop a busy teaching practice, and I continue to learn and benefit from the Alexander Technique. Without a doubt, choosing to train as an Alexander Technique teacher was one of the best decisions I have made, and I feel immensely lucky that I was able to do this at ARC.
— J.B

Fees, Dates, Practicalities

Term Dates 2018/19

Course hours: 09:45am - 1.45pm Monday – Thursday

Autumn Term 2018                     
Part I: Mon Sep 10- Thur Oct 18          
(2 weeks half-term)                      
Part II: Mon Nov 5- Thur Dec 6      

Spring Term 2019
Part I: Mon Jan 7- Thur Feb 7
(2 weeks half-term)
Part II: Mon Feb 25- Thur Apr 4

Summer Term 2019
Part I: Tues Apr 23- Thur May 23
(2 weeks half-term)
Part II: Mon Jun 10- Thur Jul 18