Visit Us!

We are delighted to have visitors who are interested in what we do and would to find out more at first hand. Please contact us if you would like to come in and experience the school for a morning.

What you will find on a visit to ARC:

  • a friendly welcome
  • quite a lot of laughter
  • a calm and focussed atmosphere (one visitor said “this is the most peaceful place I know”)
  • close attention to Alexander’s principles and procedures
  • constant individual attention from experienced and dedicated teachers
  • an open willingness to share knowledge and experience

Sometimes you might catch:

  • an anatomy lecture
  • a visiting teacher
  • people receiving lessons from 3rd year students with the supervision of a teacher
  • a reading of, and commentary on, a passage from Alexander’s writings or those of his successors
  • a visit from a previous ARC graduate wanting to catch up on the latest thinking
  • a talk about infant development and the relevance of the Primitive or Baby reflexes to our adult patterns of movement and emotional reactions.

Contact us here to arrange a visit to find out what ARC has to offer. We look forward to meeting you!



Careful attention to Traditional Procedures